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Give Your Family Peace Of Mind During the Difficult Times

Your Final Expense Policy is meant to pay your end-of-life expenses and lift the financial burden off your family’s shoulders

expenses have increased over the years ranging from $6,000 dollars to over $12,000 on average. These significant expenses can leave your loved ones in a difficult financial situation if you are not prepared.

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Why You Should Get Final Expense

life in store, life insurance store

This policy will give YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES peace of mind during critical times. 

Minneapolis Insurance Team, Minneapolis Home Insurance

Your death benefit is paid-out to your beneficiary-TAX FREE.

Life in Store, Final Expense

You will get permanent coverage which will never expire. Cash value is guaranteed.

Life in Store, Life Insurance

Additional benefits for death caused by accidents and terminal illness.

Life in Store

Your DEATH BENEFIT is guaranteed to NEVER DECREASE while your premium will never increase.

Final Expense, Life in Store

Once approved, your policy is effective immediately.

Final Expense, Life in Store

How Does It Work?

Request a Final Expense quote by filling out the form. Once your request is received, our LICENSED insurance specialist will contact you directly to help you compare quotes from multiple carriers we represent and get you the policy that fits your needs and budget. 

As we only represent TOP and LEGITIMATE insurance carriers, you can ensure that you are getting quality final expense coverage and your information is 100% secured.

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